No display is complete without this monster of a firework. It rapid....
HOT DEAL - 1000 Bees Swarming
100 shot cake firing red and green tails that change to silver spinner....
Ultimate Force 3 Pack
Feel the power of these man sized cakes, each firing 19 huge shots. Se....
Prodigy Salvo
Firing 49 x 30mm shots in sequences of 7 at a time with a finale volle....
NEW FOR 2015/16 Huge mines from this new shell cake starting with b....
HOT DEAL Sidewinder
Firing big shots of red stars to blue then gold willow to blue, green ....
Clouds of Thunder Twin Pack
You wanted noise, so here it is! Each cake contains 50 big flashing....
Firing volleys of screeching devils flutes, rapid fire columns of glit....
Rhythmically firing a multitude of tailed effects in an angled Z patte....
This stunning new combination firing barrage starts with huge wave wil....
Vortex Volley
One of our favorite fireworks and often used with great effect on show....
Defcon Thunder
Firing 196 shots of whistles in a Mexican wave style from left to righ....
HOT DEAL - Brocade Pine - Ultimate Finale Pack
Firing left to right, huge long silver prongs stretch up then burst ou....
Reign Of Fire 70 Shot
This big bore barrage sends huge willow breaks into the air changing f....
Angle Shot Gunpowder Plot
This is our best selling Gunpowder Plot angled for a really big effect....
Arrest Warrant
This big cake really does it all! Firing colour tails to dahlias, broc....
HOT DEAL - Starmine Twin Pack
Havenít tried a big mine? You really want to try mine! This pack conta....
Extreme Twin Pack
2 Stunning cakes with strong vibrant colours and great noise with gian....
Trojan Myth
The Trojan Myth is an incredible firework. Based on The Roman Myth, th....
Roman Myth
One of our best selling monster fireworks, this is the ultimate in fin....
NEW FOR 2015/16 Firing left to right, huge long silver prongs stret....
The Big Reign Of Fire
This big bore barrage sends huge willow breaks into the air changing f....
Fantail Dance
Giant Angled Firework - Creates a spectacular wide display. This fi....
HOT DEAL - Ultimate Noise Pack
LOUD! Fire these 3 cakes together to will create a display like not....
HOT DEAL Scorpion 4 Pack
Big bore bursts from these heavyweight barrages create stunning effect....
HOT DEAL - Dominator 4 Pack
NEW FOR 2015/16 A stunning mix of angled and straight cakes from th....
Chariots of Fire
Giant Angled Cake - produces a stunning wide fanned display. This i....
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