A firework like you have never seen before (unless you've been to China...)

The most unique and enchanting firework you have ever seen. This is new to the UK and has to be a future favourite. Chosen by our MD in China based on absolute WOW factor - when she saw this, she bought it!

This is not just a fountain, it is the ULTIMATE ground spinning fountain. Yes, it is a wheel that spins on its own base on the floor!

As it spins it produces stunning horizontal and vertical silver plumes with blue pistils spread out across the ground as masses of silver sparks spin upwards to about 5 metres creating a stunning lotus flower shape! Yes, really!

If this wasn't impressive enough the unlit fireworks looks like a cross between a Dalek and a 1980's "for mash get smash" robot! Well worth buying even if you don't let it off!

Running Time: 45 sec
Colour: Blue & Silver
Style: Ground Spinner

Reduced from £ 45.00

HOT DEAL - 5.00 OFF - Buy the exotic Lotus Flower for 40.00 and be even more impressed!

Price £40.00


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