We'd heard about them and thought "yes, very nice" then we SAW them! Wow, what a great piece of kit. The first thing you notice is how big the lantern is! We imagined a carrier bag size, try bin bag size and you are somewhere near! Each lantern measures 600mm wide x 800mm tall.

20 x Giant Chinese Lanterns
Delivery not included

Dead easy to light, simply unpack, fluff up and locate and light the little wick in the bottom and wait for the lantern to start to inflate. Once its absolutely gigantic, let go! It will gracefully soar upwards into the sky like a hot air balloon. And as these lanterns are a plain cream finish, you can design and draw on you own lantern "balloon". A wonderful way to really personalize your wedding, birthday party or even corporate event without spending a fortune!

CALL FOR A QUOTE IF YOU REQUIRE 60+ LANTERNS. FREE delivery on orders of 40+ lanterns.

CALL 0113 2498901 or email via "Contact Us" on the right>

The fuel contained in the lantern is non-toxic and non-volatile, in fact the shelf life is a whopping 6 years!

Full instructions are included with each lantern. As the lanterns are not explosives, fireworks or anything similar we can post them to you via the Royal Mail. We charge you for the cost of the packing and postage, nothing else! We always ship immediately and if you need your lanterns desperately please email or call our office on 0113 2498901 and we can offer you some guaranteed delivery times, again just at cost price!




Hundreds of years ago, Flying Lanterns, traditionally called Khoom Fay, were launched alongside fireworks during festivals to offer the people a feeling of tranquility and to appease their worries. It was a way for them to send their dreams to the heavens. Armies would take advantage of their high altitude and long burning period as a signaling method.

Traditionally, Khoom Fay or Sky Lanterns were made of oiled rice paper with a bamboo frame carrying a small candle in order to provide the heat to warm up the air. Their invention is credited to Zhuge Liang, a brilliant strategist from the Three Kingdoms era in China. It was one of his most useful and innovative inventions, using the concept of hot air rising over cooler air, which was a novel idea at the time. This concept was not reproduced in Western countries until the 17th century.

Thousands of people would celebrate the annual Yipeng Lantern Festival in the culturally rich Chiang Mai, where they would launch floating rafts in the river Flying Lanterns to the sky to celebrate the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar.

If their Flying Lantern could be seen from a significant distance and rise very high, prosperity and good luck would be in their future. They believe the Lanterns would rise to more than 1,000 meters and travel for a long period of time.

Many people would offer a Flying Lantern to a monk in order to receive wisdom, as the flame of the Lantern would guide them to knowledge and the right path. During Chinese festivities, people would set off fireworks and Sky Lanterns to celebrate.

The local folk in Asia believe that as the Sky Lantern rises, it takes away their troubles and brings them good luck and fortune in the future. It is a promise of a good year ahead.

Today, they are available all throughout the Western world and are used in celebrations including birthdays, firework shows, weddings, anniversaries, camping trips and parties. In China, hundreds of thousands of Sky Lanterns are released to celebrate the new year of the Chinese calendar.

Choose "collection" when you pay to bypass the 20 fireworks delivery charge.

Immediate posting once payment is received. Sent in a waterproof package as they may be a little large for most letterboxes!

Reduced from £ 50.00


Price £35.00

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