In this playlist you will find the biggest and best new fireworks for 2016/17. We own Planet Fireworks, an exclusive Premium brand designed to give you the best effects available and performance to match but at the same price as lesser fireworks available in the UK! Here is a playlist of all the new items and below that you can see a link to each individual item on our website.

Wow 130 - Click here

The Barbarian 125 - Click here

Space Invaders 70- Click here

Snow Blizzard 65 - Click here

Top Gun 3 Cake Pack 60- Click here

Screaming Banshee Rockets 50 - Click here

Cyclone 47.50 - Click here

Beijing Willows 40 - Click here

Conqueror 40 - Click here

Howling Wolf 36- Click here

Mine Pack Trio 25 Click here

Crown 500 20 - Click here

Crazy Cone 16.50 - Click here

Magic Dragon 16 - Click here

King of Palms 15 - Click here

Little Hummingbird 13 - Click here

Pulse Mine 10 - Click here

Phantom 10 - Click here

Thor's Ti Crackle 10 - Click here

Shockwave Blood Red Mine 10 - Click here

Mystic Fountain 8 - Click here

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